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How to Draw Pokemon – Blastoise Tutorial

As part of the evolution chain of the three most popular starters, we have to try drawing Blastoise. His design is one of my favorites as Kanto Pokemon have this reputation of their designs being very original. The character design does not go over the top as do most Pokemon designs as the newer gens. To think it been a ...
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How to Draw Pokemon – Snorlax Tutorial

Snorlax is a beast! His high powered stats and lovable design are why most fans have decided to make him their favorite Pokemon. So in this lesson, we'll be learning our fattest Pokemon buddy - Snorlax. This a very detailed step by step tutorial from a super great website called: They have a ton of content on how to ...
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Pokemon Presents – June 17, 2020 News (Pokemon Smile, Pokemon Snap & More)

Tsunekazu Ishihara - President and CEO of the Pokemon Company, has given us with some much needed good news in this edition of Pokemon Presents! There seems to be a theme on the games the company will be releasing this month as it encourages interaction with Pokemon and not just a tap of a finger or a joycon. Much like ...
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How to Draw Pokemon – Mew Tutorial

Initially, the Gen 1 series only had 150 pokemon, then GameFreak decided to add one more pokemon to its roster, Mew. The lovable mew has captivated us even till today, despite having a lot of other mythical Pokemon, Mew still reigns as one of the most popular Pokemon in the series. That's why we will be learning how to draw ...
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How to Draw Pokemon – Jigglypuff Tutorial

Jigglypuff made its debut in the 45th episode of the Pokemon series in the Kanto region. During her days following Ash, Misty, and Brock, she has made a significant impression on viewers. We absolutely loved her cute charms. That is why in this post, we'll be learning how to draw Jigglypuff! This a very detailed step by step tutorial from ...
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Pokemon Twilight Wings -Episode 1-5 (Galar Region Animated Series)

What is Pokemon: Twilight Wings? It is another slow-building archive of spin-off series' within the Pokemon universe. Alongside Pokemon: Generations and Pokemon Origins it's a spin-off of their video game canon instead of their established anime whose spotlight still focuses on Ash Ketchum and his Pikachu. What makes it different from the main anime? This branch in the Pokemon series ...
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Pokémon Journeys The Series – Coming to Netflix June 12, 2020

Ash and his pal Pikachu continue their adventure in the 23rd season of this long-running animated series. The synopsis Ash Ketchum has a new goal: see the world! The two head to the opening of the Cerise  Laboratory, a research facility that aims to uncover the enigma that is Pokemon in every region. In this season, Ash meets with Goh ...
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Pokemon Coloring Pages Online – Generation 1 Pokemon

Got some free time and want to color some Pokemon? I got good news for you, we're giving you Pokemon from Generation 1 or from the Kanto region so you can color them any way you want. We got these great pictures from a website called What's neat about it is that when you click on the Pokemon you ...
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Little Boy Has 400 Pokemon Cards Stolen and What Happens Next Will Bring you to Tears

A kid named Nate set off school bringing his prized Pokemon card collection. Unfortunately, it was stolen from him by his selfish, cruel classmates. Nate - who had special needs - was gravely upset. This led to his daddy and a few other friends to contact a Facebook group called The Geek Asylum and ask them if they had some extra ...
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How to Draw Pokemon – Eevee Tutorial

Eevee has won the hearts of many with its natural ability to evolve into nearly every type of Pokemon, from water and electric, to psychic and dark, and the most recently the fairy type. But we're getting ahead of ourselves, lets try focusing on how to draw one of the most adorable Pokemon mascot - Eevee. This a very detailed ...
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Pokemon as Humans – 36 Pics of Pokemon Reimagined as People

Have you ever wondered how a Snorlax or Vaporeon would look if they were human? Hold on tight because Tamtamdi, a South Korean illustration artist currently residing in California, U.S.A. reimagines Pokemon as people. They are just as adorable as you'd expect them to be. This incredibly talented artist has preferred to stay anonymous. He/she has drawn 254 Pokemon Gijinka ...
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What if Pokemon were Real – 21 Amazing Photos of Pokemon

Joshua Dunlop, a London artist, has a project called "Pokemon Zoology". Its a series of pictures realistically portraying Ash's main Pokemon (Pikachu, Squirtle, Charmander, and Bulbasaur). The results were nothing but magnificent - the details were so meticulously done that the texture and color reminded us of a unique realism of Pokemon. It was so well received that he decided ...
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